Tomorrow starts now!

End-to-End Artificial Intelligence done with a Software Engineering mindset! Forecasting Time series forecasting models used to predict future values based on previous observations. We create models to predict weather conditions and other events. NLP Apply Natural Language Processing with focus on Translation and Understanding. In addition to that, keywords and key phrases extraction. Sentiment Analysis Do not take emotion out of text, but do combine it with other modalities and have a proper sentiment analysis solution at your disposal. Face Recognition We make use of our own activation function, which is open source, to deliver state-of-the-art face recognition systems, using simpler networks and still with performance above renowned papers like the FER-2013. Attention Models Those models are applied to our NLP solutions, making the most out of them. Fusion Models We apply fusion in order to get different modalities to work in harmony. Imagine how powerful a model can get when you combine different inputs. That’s what we do! Object Detection Show me what you got and I will tell you what it does. Embeddable Models Why run your Deep Learning models on the cloud when you can run them inside your customers mobile devices? Pre-trained and custom models running anywhere you want. Welcome to the edge devices age! Reinforcement Learning Let’s make your solution work like a human: learn with its own mistakes. End to End AI We don’t only build Deep Learning models, we do the whole development with a Software Engineering mindset.




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